Steve Morse Frankenstein Tribute Telecaster

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****Built in 1983 from specifications published in Guitar Player Mag by Steve Morse with player friendly upgrades for us mere mortals


Telecaster body---


Paul C custom Rosewood neck with graphite nut----


4 eac DiMarzio pickups …. 2 Humbuckers (1 neck and 1 bridge position)..1 Single coil Strat, and 1 single coil for the tele pickup----


Custom black pickguard----


Use of “Push / Pull” volume and tone knob switches in lieu of 2 toggle switches (one directly under the high E string and one on the selector switch plate in Morse’s original design) to facilitate easier playability for us mere mortals which combined with the 5 way selector switch give multiple pickup and sound options “ala the Steve Morse Unique Tones”-----


Hard Case included.------


The instrument is “extremely player friendly” with a ton of great configurations and sounds with the awesome Steve Morse look!