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The APE has 7 knobs.

From left to right they are:

1-Over all volume- This will turn up or down the overall volume of the pedal. I have always wanted control of this in a delay pedal. There have been many times that I have had a spacey delay setting that I wanted a touch louder because when I turned the delay off the dry tone is perceived to be louder than the delay tone. Also you can crank the volume up and get the pedal to overdrive itself.

2-Repeat filter- This 8-step rotary knob sets the tamber of the repeat tail. It goes from dark and full of lows to high pass and bright or grainy sounding.

3-Delay level 1- There are two different delay level knobs so that you can set two different delay levels and toggle between them by pushing the Level push button switch. This is a setting that I have always wanted. I am tired of either only having one delay level for the whole set or leaning over to turn the delay level knob for each song.

4-Delay level 2- See above.

5-Delay repeat- Sets the repeat feedback of the delay. Of course you can turn it too far and have the pedal over feed itself and get crazy and loud.

6-Delay time- This is a manual control of the delay. With it you can either set a non tap time or twist it around to get some cool analog delay sweeping tones. The delay time knob also acts as a switch. When the knob is anywhere left of the straight up position the taps will be dotted eighth. When it is anywhere right of straight up it is WYTIWYG (What You Tap Is What You Get).

7-Mod depth- This controls the depth of the modulation. The modulation is there to emulate the sound of an old tape delay that couldn't hold the tape speed perfectly. The tape would speed up and down and slightly change the delay speed which would create a nice chorus sound.

It has 3 push switches

1-Toggles between Delay level 1 and 2

An external tap switch can be plugged in which turns the #3 tap switch into a toggle between dotted eights and WYTIWYG (What You Tap Is What You Get). With this switch the modulation can be switched on and off by holding the #3 switch down for more than 600ms. Also six/eight mode can be switched on and off by tapping the #3 switch twice in under 700ms.

The APE Delay is an analog path delay with digital delay chips. The digital chips are filtered to give the pedal an analog/tape feel. The delay will go cleanly to around 600milisecs, but it can go to 1000ms. The repeats will be super LoFi at that setting, but it I think it sounds cool.

I am making this pedal because I want a great sounding delay that has all of the features that I have always wanted in one delay pedal. I have a hard time turning it off because it sounds so good.

*This pedal can only be powered by an external 9V DC source where the inside pin is negative. It has no 9V battery plug inside. This pedal DOES NOT come with a power supply.

*The Ape Delay does not come with an external tap pedal. You will need to purchase a normally open momentary pedal to use as the external tap switch.

Condition: Very good, used, velcro on back

Weight: 1.47 lbs.