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Earthquaker Devices Park Fuzz Sound

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A re-creation of the rare Park Fuzz Sound pedal released by Jim Marshall's Park Amplification company in 1968, the EarthQuaker Devices Park Fuzz delivers timeless classic-rock distortion. According to the legend EarthQuaker Devices told us when they visited Sweetwater in Fort Wayne, Indiana, the original Tonebender series pedal featured a pair of unlabeled TO-1 package transistors. The original schematic wasn't much help, but careful scrutiny led the engineers at EarthQuaker Devices to select special NOS germanium transistors to play the part. In the resulting reissue, when you set the Fuzz control on the Park Fuzz to 12 o'clock, you get the creamy distortion of the original cranked all the way, and there's still plenty more fuzz tone on tap.