Gibson SG Standard 1965

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1965 Gibson SG standard in very good, but not 100% original condition. This guitar was purchased several years ago with a lot of non-original parts on it. Those parts have been replaced with mostly vintage, period correct Gibson parts. The neck pickup is an original patent number pickup, the bridge pickup is not, but appears to be a late 60's/early 70's gibson. The pickups sound excellent, and the guitar has that distinct SG voice.  It was routed for a stop tailpiece, but has been reconverted to feature the vibrola. The plate for the vibrola was placed on the guitars for the phots, but the small machine screws that hold it in place are missing. The tailpiece, posts and studs are included in the sale.

The neck profile is thin and, as is very common with this era of SG,  there has been a repair done at the heel of the neck. The repair was done correctly and the joint is solid. While the paint color matches at the repair site, the checking in the finish does not. You can tell it was resprayed in the area, but this is on the back of the guitar and is only visible when you hold the guitar in a manner which light reflects off the finish. The frets are level and have life left, the guitar plays very well and sounds great. 

The internal electronics appear to be original and work, the pots are slightly scratchy, but work fine. The knobs are non original and one of the tone knobs spins freely on the pot, however the pot works as it should. The case is Gibson, but not original to the guitar. 

Please don't hesitate to ask any questions if there is something you feel hasn't been covered in this description.