1960's National Westwood 75

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The 1960's Westwood 75 here was little different from the rest of their line of 2 & 3 pickups for a couple reasons; 1.) it was made of wood, and 2.) it was the only model offered in a sunburst finish (its Res-O kin were available in Duco Seafoam Green, red, white, or black).

The Westwood’s treble horn is neatly curved down while the upper horn is flattened and stretched to accommodate a selector switch. Voila! – the continental United States (sort of) in an electric guitar, 15 years before the limited edition Gibson/Epiphone “map” guitar! The rest of the body is generically rounded, but an interesting feature is the relief (a.k.a. “German carve”) of the top, which adds an element of surface tension to the design and helps avoid the “slab” look.

This Westwood appears to be a single-pickup model with a neck-position humbucker. But hidden in the bridge is a contact pickup – more than 10 years before tranducers entered the mainstream on acoustic guitars, and 30 years before the emergence of electric/acoustic hybrids like the Parker!

Condition: Used, Very Good

Damage/Modifications: All of the electronics work but do need some cleaning. Some corrosion on the pickup. 

Weight: 7.66 lbs.