Hondo II

1980's Hondo II "H830" Bass

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This is a 1979 or 1980 Hondo II H830GS. I believe it was made in the factory that eventually became Samick in Incheon, Korea during the Lawsuit Era of guitars (the period where Korean and Japanese manufacturers were building and selling exact copies of American brands like Gibson, Fender, etc. before the American companies sued them).

What is rare is the older Maxon pickup. These Japanese pickups were made to look like humbuckers, but it is actually a blade single-coil, un-potted. It could be that the body was made in Korea and shipped to Japan for finishing or, vice versa. It is also possible that this was one of the first H830s made (they began production in 1980) and that's why it has the earlier Maxon pickup instead of the DiMarzio P. Far as I know, there were no serial numbers used on guitars by Samick in that time so it is impossible to tell. The maple neck has aged beautifully. The body is a multi-ply Nato(eastern mahogany) with maple veneers. The body has been repainted and the covers for the bridge and pickup are no longer part of the bass. The holes are still in the original pick guard if you can find any replacement parts. 

Condition: Used, Good

Damage/Modifications: Repainted, has original pick guard with no thumb rest, no pickup cover or bridge cover. 

Weight: 9.76 lbs.