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Bear Foot Sparkling Yellow OD3 Overdrive

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Bearfoot FX Sparkling Yellow OD 3

You may remember the original Bearfoot Sparkling Yellow OD 1 and 2—two separate overdrives voiced for either American or British amps.

Bearfoot has seen the sparkling yellow light, and now offers both pedals in one, in this, the Sparkling Yellow OD 3. “Both,” you might ask? Yes, both. There’s now a rotary switch that switches the pedal from 1 to 2 and vice versa.

As for the sound of the Sparkling Yellow series, it’s meant to emulate the sound of a cookin’ Fender tweed Deluxe amplifier. A simple two-band EQ (Treble and Mids, more like “low-mids”) helps dial the SYOD3 to any pickup and amp combination. And just like the master of the tweed, Neil Young, cranking the gain all the way yields a sickly overdrive fuzz tone that’s sure to feed the Crazy Horse residing within your amplifier, whichever it may be.

Bearfoot FX Sparkling Yellow OD 3 Features:


  • Rotary switch goes between original SYOD1 and SYOD2 settings
  • Unique tone circuit is super-adaptable to all equipment
  • True bypass
  • Standard 9v power operation

Condition: Excellent