Black Cloud

Black Cloud Black Cohiba 3-String Cigar Box Guitar

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Really cool Black Cloud Black Cohiba 3-String cigar-box guitar. Made right here in Baton Rouge by our buddy Nathan Logsdon.

The neck is beautifully crafted out of a single piece of Hickory, which extends all the way through the body and provides a substantial heft to the overall feel and balance of the guitar. The fingerboard is made from Ipe (pronounced EE-Pay), which is also referred to as Brazilian walnut. It is one of the hardest woods on earth and gives the guitar a bright snappiness to it's tone.

It is loaded with a single coil pickup and top-adjust volume and tone controls.

Most importantly and impressively, the overall fit, finish and feel of this cigarbox guitar is unsurpassed in our experience. Where most of these types of guitars feel like cheap toys, Black Cloud Cigar-box guitars feel and play like beautifully crafted instruments. This is a truly inspiring guitar that's a joy to play.