Budda V20 Head

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Legendary Budda amp tone with a 6V6 power section. 

The Budda SuperDrive V-20 Tube Head combines the best of British Class A and Class AB guitar amp designs for rich, harmonically complex tone that's at home on stage and in your studio. The 20W Budda V-20 rewards your playing with exceptional sensitivity variations in your pick attack and subtle changes in playing style. With Budda's dual-class hot-bias pre-amp circuitry for tonal character like none other the SueerDrive amp is sure to please even the most picky guitarists. 

The latest amplifiers from Budda are outfitted with 6V6 power tubes and a special thick alternate voicing for the mid tone control that boosts the mid frequencies to give your tone added cut and presence in the mix. 

All Budda SuperDrive chassis are fabricated from aluminum, which helps to reducethe amp's weight along with custom pine cabinets. Low weight is a significant benefit for all gigging musicians, as well as their happy road crew and techs. Aluminum is also a great conductor of heat. It may feel warmer to the touch than a traditional steel chassis, but there's no need to worry.

Condition: very good.