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Electro Voice ZLX-15P Powered Speaker

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Electro Voice ZLX 
Renowned for their dynamic combination of rafter-shaking power and ear-pleasing tone, Electro Voice powered speakers have become a staple of the live music scene. Equally at home as Front-of-House PA speakers, wedge monitors, a stand-alone PA box, a permanent installation, the foundation of a DJ rig, or even as a keyboard or acoustic guitar amp, ZLX’s versatility is another reason these speakers are so popular. It’s easy to see why Electro Voice boasts that ZLX are “The best-selling speakers in the world.”

Electro Voice ZLX15P Powered Loudspeaker Features

  • 15 inch woofer and 1.5 inch high-frequency titanium compression driver
  • LCD display and unique single-knob DSP control with presets – quickly optimize ZLX to suit your performance style and space
  • Input level meters and independent amplifier control- ensure optimal gain structure in seconds
  • Custom-built 1000-W Class-D amplifier for best-in-class sound
  • Lightweight, 38 lbs, super-durable composite construction
  • Unique hi/lo grip design for effortless pole mounting and portability
  • Patented split-baffle design for superior driver time alignment and enhanced sonic impact and intelligibility
The Sensational ZLX15P 15-inch Two-Way Powered Loudspeaker 
Optimized driver time alignment via ZLX’s patented split-baffle design ensures minimum amounts of phase cancellation with the maximum amount of direct impact. You’ll be amazed that a compact 38 lb. speaker can sound so huge! This handsome enclosure, with its sturdy Black Powder Coated 18-gauge steel grill, produces a massive 127 dB with 90 ° coverage, guaranteeing great sound from anywhere in the venue. 

The heart of the ZLX15P is in its EV designed and manufactured EVS-15L 15” speaker. Its muscular 8-spoke die-cast aluminum frame cuts no corners and the laminated coil form and fatigue-resistant cone suspension will provide years of worry-free service. Heat is the enemy of all speakers so the vented coil and magnet structure, along with the heat-radiating back cover, control the temperature for cool operation. Contributing to the overall big sound of the enclosure, the EVS-15L delivers a uniform frequency response all the way down to 55 Hz. 

The ever-important high end is handled by EV’s transparent sounding DH-1K. A 1.5” high-frequency titanium compression driver with a replaceable diaphragm, the DH-1K yields a clean, smooth frequency response right up to 18 kHz. 

When it comes to producing a loud, yet distortion-free tone it’s all about headroom, and the ZLX15P has plenty of it. The 1000 watt Class D power section delivers more than enough moxie to furnish a clean, robust sound. 

The Back Panel 
The simplicity of the single DSP knob belies the sophistication within, with the ZLX15P’s DSP presets taking center stage as the real star of the show! Used to optimize the enclosure’s output settings to match your needs, the bright LCD display menu provides access to presets for music (enhanced for pre-recorded), live (for a live band situation), speech (superior intelligibility for announcements or presentations), and club (optimized for DJ use).
Two separate mic/line inputs each have a single balanced XLR/TRS Combo Jack for maximum versatility with an XLR output available to link to other ZLX speakers and subs. There’s even a handy little 3.5 mm Input jack for connecting devices such as an iPad® or smartphone.


Product Specifications
Electro Voice ZLX15P Powered Loudspeaker Specifications
  • Power: 1000 W (Class D)
  • SPL: 127 dBmax SPL
  • Response: 42 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Woofer: 15 inch woofer
  • Tweeter: 1.5 inch high-frequency titanium compression driver
  • Weight: 38 lbs (17.3 kg)