Fender Pro Reverb 1965

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1965 Fender Pro Reverb in nice condition, a few dings and scratches,  early and rare Fender Electric Instrument Company black control panel, low 3 digit serial #007XX, tube chart stamped O G, original speakers replaced and are long gone - replaced with new pair of Celestion  A-Type, tubes are new ( 1- JJ 5AR4, 2 - Sovtek 5881WXT power tubes, 2 - n.o.s. JAN (blue label ) Phillips 12AT7s,4 - Sovtek 12AX7LPS,  very nice & new Belden 13ft " rubberized " grounded power cable wired to electrical code, original parts include > all four transformers, all potentiometers, all knobs, the reverb pan & bag, tolex, handle, back panels, feet, pre amp tube covers, pat. pend. tilt back legs and hardware, Fender logo, original grill cloth is in nice shape - no tears or fraying, serviced and voiced by Komet Amplification a few years back, they replaced the non original Tech Caps circuit board 25uf caps and the filter caps with Sprague and F&T caps, and wired the AC cable, Celestion speakers were " broken in " on a Variac, very nice sounding amp, super deep tremolo, sorry - no foot switch or amp cover.