Fender Vibrolux Silverface 1971

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1971 Fender Vibrolux in good to very good condition. This amp has been outfitted with JBL MI10 speakers.  These speakers do not sound like the factory speakers that came in this amp originally.  They have a brighter sound which sometimes needs to be dialed down on the eq to achieve traditional fender-like tones. The amp has recently had a cap job. The transformers are all original, however the circuit has been modified slightly to allow the reverb and vibrato to work on both channels. This was a nondestructive modification which could be reversed by a qualified amp tech.There is a slight tick in the tremolo and when the amp is left on for extended periods of time, the tubes sometimes hiss and pop a little. No footswitch included.

Shipping includes a charge for professional packing by a local company that specializes in shipping large, fragile items.