Gibson ES-300 with Custom Cutaway 1946

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1946 Gibson ES-300 with custom cutaway in beautiful refinished condition. We had never seen one of these either, so we sent photos to George Gruhn to help provide us with some insight. According to Mr. Gruhn, this guitar was made by Gibson in 1946 and the cutaway was either a one-off custom order done at the Kalamazoo factory, or was added at a later date, probably by Gibson. If the cutaway was custom ordered and original to the guitar, it would likely make this one of the earliest known examples of a Gibson with a florentine cutaway, predating the ES-175 by 3 years. The beautiful refin is the correct color and perfect and is likely authentic factory Gibson as well. The pickup is original, as are the electronics and knobs. The tuners are not original to the guitar, but are very nice. The frets are in great shape with some wear, but lots of life left. The pickguard, which is original, has some deterioration around the bracket screw and is currently being stored in the case for safe keeping. Original hardshell case included.