Gibson ES-335 1986 Katrina Survivor

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This Gibson ES-335 was recovered from a flooded New Orleans home in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  As the story goes, the owner of the guitar died in the flood and all of his belongings were discarded in a large trash pile in front of his gutted residence several weeks after the waters receded. This guitar was found in rough shape, having endured weeks of wet conditions, along with the extreme Louisiana heat and humidity.  It has been carefully and lovingly restored to excellent playing condition by world renowned luthier, Holger Notzel. The restoration addressed ONLY the playability of the guitar and functionality of its electronics. As you'd expect with a restoration of a historical item, the cosmetic scars inflicted by the storm and its aftermath were left intact. The restoration is nothing short of miraculous. This Gibson has been given a second life and likely plays and sounds better today than it ever did before the storm.

The exposure to wet conditions and Louisiana summer heat caused the finish to bubble up and flake in several places and it is the reason I'm calling this guitar's condition FAIR TO GOOD. The metal bits have become tarnished and there is a slight twist in the neck, however these flaws are purely cosmetic and the guitar is 100% playable in its scarred condition. It is an incredible player. To be honest, I wish I could keep this one because there is something very special about it. Sometimes a guitar comes into the shop that I know I'll regret letting go of. This is one of those guitars. This Gibson is a survivor baptized in the waters of a great american tragedy. It is small but tangible piece of American history... But as they say, you can't keep them all. 

Includes hardshell case.

This guitar will be professionally packed, insured and shipped by the good people at my local Fedex Office.
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