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Iconic Amps Trident Thirty Five Head

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Imagine plugging into an amp that is complex in its tones, from super chimey yet super thick like the classic pushed style amps that roar with the changes in your touch and picking dynamics. Around on the back panel is a high and low power amp toggle. High power will yield a stiffer, tightened low end and an abrupt note definition.  The low power produces a sag and a harmonic complexity to the picked note, a looser feel. The Trident is indicative of the god that bore this weapon, always fluid in its tonal qualities. Chimey high end, thick midrange, and bold bass. This amp is very touch sensitive and can cover a variety of musical styles.  It is a great pedal platform amp.


35 Watts


  • Single channel 
  • Volume, treble, mid, bass controls

  • Hi-Cut

  • 3 position bright switch

  • Available as a Head Shell, 2X10, 1X12, or 2X12 combo. 


Power: 4 x EL84 Cathode Biased
Preamp: 3 x 12AX7/ECC83
Rectifier: GZ34/5AR4