Komet Constellation 30 Head

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The Constellation 30 is an original design based on a cathode biased four EL84 output section without negative feedback. 

It features 2 independent pre-amps with different voicing and gain characteristic, and no tone controls of any kind, except a global high cut located in the output section. The Constellation 30 features a single input that automatically feeds the guitar signal into both parallel pre-amps. The sounds of both pre-amps can be blended utilizing the two independent volume controls. 

Pre-amp I (Volume I) is based on a 6SN7 octal pre-amp tube. It is voiced for a big and chimey clean sound. 

Pre-amp II (Volume II) is based on a 12AX7 dual triode. It is voiced for maximum gain and upper midrange cut.

A foot switch can be used to turn off Volume II while playing. This allows the player who may prefer not to adjust guitar volume while playing to set a lead sound using both volumes and switch to a rhythm sound for cleaner passages. 

The foot switch is not necessary to get the most out of the amp. The Constellation 30 cleans up exceptionally well by rolling down the guitar volume or changing the picking dynamics. Most players who are used to Trainwreck/Komet style amps will feel very comfortable with this amp. 

Both pre-amps feature an ultra short signal path. Since there is no signal loss and recovery normally associated with standard, passive (subtractive) tone controls the Constellation 30 creates an incredibly pure and harmonically dense sound. The amp will go into harmonic feedback even on clean chords, creating a choir of musically coherent overtones. It is also capable of very high gain levels that never get muddy or lose definition. It sounds like no other amp in terms of complexity, retention of detail and accurately reflects the characteristics of the guitar as well as the player's touch.