Princeton Reverb 1966 Restored

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Original 1966 transformers and chassis, original fiber board, Original cabinet. All pots except one are original. Original filter caps. Some modifications were done to this amp at some point and an additional hole has been drilled in the face plate. ALL MODIFICATIONS HAVE BEEN PROFESSIONALY REVERSED and the circuit on the fiber board has been restored to VINTAGE CORRECT spec with high quality components by Andy Goldberg of Redoux Amplification. Speaker is an old oxford from another princeton. Baffle board has been replaced with pine. Grill cloth is not original but is vintage and looks right. Fender logo is original. Back panels are handmade reproductions.  Reverb tank and bag is new. Amp runs dead quiet and also has a grounded three wire power cord. Completely retubed with new tubes. Wonderful clean tones. Nice sounding reverb and trem. No footswitch.