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ProAnalog Devices Manticore Silver

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The Manticore by ProAnalog Devices has all the goodness of the fabled "man-horsie" pedal with some added refinements. Can be used as a clean boost, or an "always on" pedal that sweetens your tone, or to push the front end of your valve amp into OD, or push the pedal itself into dynamic overdrive.

The controls of the ProAnalog Manticore includes Level, Treble, Gain and Drive. “Level” lets you control the overall output volume. “Treble” is an active treble circuit that boosts or cuts treble, as well as adds or subtracts gain. “Gain” is the overdrive control, which lets you dial in the amount of clipping from the overdrive/distortion section of the circuit. “Drive” is a clean boost control that drives 4 active filter networks, including treble, high-mids, mids, and lows.