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Redoux Amplification The Rougarou Boutique 1x12 Combo

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From the backwater swamps of south Louisiana, comes the legend of the Rougarou, a mythical Sasquatch-like beast. Only it’s not a myth!!! The Rougarou lives!!…. in a hand built and wired all tube amp by Redoux Amplification. It’s a legendary tonal beast built with new & vintage components. But don’t let its legend scare you! There are only simple controls (volume, tone, and master) that create its responsive touch sensitive response. Soft, warm, and clean at low gain, but watch out! Turn up the gain and let the ~24 watt beast out! The Rougarou has complex and versatile rich tones with a deep, cavernous long-spring tube-driven reverb that must be heard to believe. The beast is at its best with its slow, full-swamp bias tremolo.

The Rougarou is powered by two USSR military 1980 era 6P14P tubes (EL84s) that produce strong warm tones. A USA made 5U4 rectifier tube provides the current and voltage. The pre-amp, reverb, full-swamp bias tremolo, and phase inverter duties are handled by four 12A_7 family of tubes. A three-way switch can let The Rougarou shine country bright or warm (dim) or go full-swamp dark. Set in a very strong birch plywood cabinet, the 12” speaker can soften and tame the beast or let it go wild.



Baton Rouge, Louisiana