Rocktron Nitro Tonal Definition Booster

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With one knob and one function, the Rocktron Nitro Booster/Enhancer Pedal makes tweaking your sound easy to do. Most guitar players are happy with their sound but, like a race car driver, they are always seeking that extra edge that pushes it over the top. The Nitro effect pedal gives you that edge. It offers over 22dB of gain for intense signal boosting and enhances articulation with soft compression.

The Nitro guitar pedal will turn decent amp distortion into great amp distortion, make harmonic squeals easier to achieve, and broaden your pickups' range--all in one simple tool with a single control for boost and a single switch to kick you into that hot zone.
Push your sound over the top.

22dB of gain
Soft compression
Single Boost control knob

Condition: excellent